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A fast, intuitive, relevant and user-friendly product search.
An e-shop that can be quickly integrated with content and inventory management.


Catalogs and content

The website for your store
Find out the web-to-store picture gallery system made for all manufactured products and design to match these three qualities requirements :

(1) Browsing easily and quickly on your website.

(2) Our picture gallery system is built for seach engine optimization.

(3) With a daily updates service.

 Création site internet métier :: ameublement décoration design architecture intérieur

With imagenia
An upmarket design and development.
A professional team on decorative market and retail market.
Moderns and attractive websites.


Integral Search solution on thousands of references

To significantly increase the time spent on the store website

A fast and user-friendly product search. An intuitive and modern digital discovery experience.

An idea, a word ... Let yourself be guided to relevant content.


Click and collect e-shop

To increase internet traffic and store visits

New concept of e-shop, the complement of our system of catalog galleries. Our e-shop, integrated into the SEARCH system, allows us to offer an efficient click and collect service, and thus increase internet traffic and store visits.

Store withdrawal in all its forms (stock items available, items available within X days, etc.) associated with prices that are those of the web and possibly with a ''Store Withdrawal Advantage Coupon'' system (cashback) helps boost local trade.

Our e-shop is a module easily adaptable to our websites. Our customers only have to choose the products, the prices. The services associated with the content management of our e-store are the same as those we offer for catalogs and galleries. We follow in the same way the updates of products and stocks.


Sport webdesign

events, media, sports results
imagenia, is also a proven experience in the integration and publication of sports results, and in websites with solidly structured editorial content.


Expo Customers Stores 2020

Confortys (1000 ref.)
Literie 3000 (1650 ref.)
Espace Déco Calligaris (2700 ref.)
Maison Fauconnet (2700 ref.)
Thierry Lapierre (2800 ref.)

Tiffany Décoration (3700 ref.)

Reflets d'intérieur (3700 ref.)

Versus Mobili (3700 ref.)

Style d'Intérieur (4000 ref.)

Alvarez (4300 ref.)

Hanau Mobilier (4300 ref.)

Cagnetta (4900 ref.)

Meubles Planel (5200 ref.)

Meubles Roger HBC (5300 ref.)

Home Contemporain Strasbourg (5400 ref.)

Meubles Tissot (6300 ref.)

Meubles Weil (6300 ref.)

Meubles Bergia (7200 ref.)

Meubles de l'Autize La Rochelle (7400 ref.)

Arci Meubles (7500 ref.)

Meubles de l'Autize Niort (7500 ref.)

Côté Design (7700 ref.)

Patrick Meubles (7800 ref.)

Allirand Mobilier de France (7900 ref.)

Meubles Keribin (8000 ref.)

Meubles Philippe (8200 ref.)

Meubles Pascal (8500 ref.)

Meubles Zanon (8800 ref.)

Espace Pierre Déco (9100 ref.)

Salon et Dépendances (9170 ref.)

Meubles Pasquier (9600 ref.)

Meubles Dauzats (9800 ref.)

Meubles At'Home (9900 ref.)

Meubles Contempo (10000 ref.)

Meubles Tillot (10000 ref.)

Meubles Mougeot (10300 ref.)

Zenitude contemporain (10500 ref.)

Meubles Gauthier (11200 ref.)

Meubles Flamary (11300 ref.)

Meubles Hermitte (11400 ref.)

Meubles Antoine (11430 ref.)

Déco Meubles (11800 ref.)

Le Meublier (11800 ref.)

Meubles Marcou (11900 ref.)

Suteau Aubron (12000 ref.)

La Meublerie (12800 ref.)

Meubles Rastout (13000 ref.)

Meubles Thevenaut (14800 ref.)

Meubles Espi (15000 ref.)

Meubles Dupuis (16000 ref.)

Ameublier Dorices (16000 ref.)

Meubles Gimazane (22000 ref.)