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Catalogs and stores Creation 980 €
Creation of  your original store website  with your own design from one of our customized template. This involves all product’s references of manufacturers you wish to publish.

Catalogs and stores Webservices 60 € /month
This amound includes :

- Data hosting, web optimization (SEO), monthly statistics.
- Mailbox(es) and all the mail services associated with the website.
Automatic updates of all manufacturers galleries materials on your website.
- Adding new manufacturers galleries referenced in our image bank all along the year as you wish.  
The automatic adding of adversiting banners of your favorite brand and referenced manufacturers.
- Creation and updates of adversiting banners for your own advertising campaigns.
Creation and updates of « good deals » galleries or any kind of promotional galleries with your in store products and prices informations (see below : Personalized interventions. )
- Automatic updates of the original website matrix. Your website is, from a technical point of view, always up-to-date preserving your design.
- To improve transformations rates of visitors becoming commercial contacts, the picture gallery system includes the fonction : « Email-Us regarding this product ! ». The most direct way to create business opportunities.
Personalized interventions : 30 mn per month / 6 hour per year.  

Catalogs and stores Webservices PREMIUM 120 € /month
This amound includes : the above web services offer with the following modifications.

- The web services PREMIUM includes updates of your product galleries with your custom store pricing.
Personalized interventions : 1 hour per month / 12 hour per year.  

The FULL SEARCH option to add to your webservices + 80 € /month
Add IMAGENIA's internal search engine to the powerful gallery system of your IMAGENIA website  

- A product search, fast, intuitive, relevant and user-friendly on thousands of references, fully personalized for your collections in your store.

- Multiple criteria, contextual analysis of search terms, suggestion lists.

- Search indexes and keywords updated every 24 hours, with a daily sitemap, to follow all personalized updates.

Option Click and collect e-shop to add to your webservices + 100 € /month
Add to the powerful gallery system of your IMAGENIA website, the IMAGENIA e-shop   e-shop 

- A personalized e-shop, integrated into the SEARCH system. 60 products (including variants) integrated, administered and updated for both the price and the stock.

- Allows to increase internet traffic and the passage in store.

- The combination of the advantages of e-commerce and traditional commerce.

- All the advantages for the consumer: a saving of time, because he is guaranteed to find the product he wishes, the saving of delivery costs with a Coupon Advantage Withdrawal Store (Cashback), the possibility of reserving the product , additional shopping comfort, with the possibility of seeing and trying the product before purchasing.

- First e-shop creation costs: 560 €.

Catalogs and stores Domain 30 € /year
Technical and administrative management of your domain(s) : Main domain 30€ / year and 10€ / year for an other domain.